Quality Assurance Policy

Circuit Board Solutions only sells components that are brand new unused and original factory condition. All parts received into our facility are thoroughly inspected and processed with a quality assurance report. We are proactive in counterfeit avoidance and detection by using a quality procedure with the following steps.

External Visual Inspection

Each order is visually inspected from part count verification to carrier type and condition, humidity indicator and desiccant, and proper packaging. The individual pieces are inspected for proper markings, date codes, country of origins, secondary coatings, lead condition, sand marks, construction defects, foreign or displaced materials, logo condition, and logo placement.

External visual inspection criteria is considered;

Inspection Capabilities upon request

Decapsulation will expose the die in any plastic IC package by etching away the die’s plastic covering. This process will allow us to see if there is actually a die in the package. (upon request)

  • Failure Analysis. Determine root cause for IC’s failure.
  • Check an IC device to authenticate manufacture.
  • Manufacture Logo verification.
  • Part Number or Mask number verification.
  • Unique Die Markings verified.
  • Ensure correct wire bonding.
  • Compare multiple devices for die revision verification.
  • Re-Surfacing and Remarking Tests
  • 1-Methyl 2-Pyrrolidinone Testing
  • Marking Permanency Test
  • Internal Die Verification
  • X-Ray Inspection
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy or XRF
  • Speed Grade Verification
  • Solder Testing
  • Full AC/DC Electrical Testing
  • Hermeticity Testing
  • Xilinx and Altera Speed Testing
  • LVDS LCD Screen Testing
  • JTAG and Boundary Scanning
  • Baking and Dry-Packing
  • Counterfeit Detection and Supply Chain Policy


Here are the steps we use for Supply Chain Management and Counterfeit detection.

  • 1. Fraudulent/Counterfeit Parts Mitigation Policy – Circuit Board Solutions executive management shall define and document its policy to prevent the purchase, acceptance, and distribution of fraudulent/counterfeit parts. The Organization shall also state its policy regarding the disposition and reporting of parts determined to be suspect, fraudulent, and /or confirmed counterfeit.
  • 2. Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic-Parts Control Plan Circuit Board Solutions –implement a fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts control plan that documents its processes used for risk mitigation, disposition, and reporting or fraudulent/counterfeit parts.
  • 3. Customer Related Contract Review, Agreement, and Execution – The documented process shall specify the review, agreement, and execution of contractual requirements to minimize the risk of fraudulent/counterfeit parts trade. Including notify Customer in no more than 5 days if commitments cannot be satisfied, disclose in writing at the time of each individual quotation, the source of supply by company name and location and provide product warranty for a minimum of 1 year,.
  • 4. Supplier Approval and Source Selection – Assess potential sources of supply to determine the risk of receiving fraudulent/counterfeit parts. Maintaining a register of approved suppliers.
  • 5. Purchase Order Requirement –Circuit Board Solutions shall communicate and document contract provisions that establish purchasing controls for fraudulent/counterfeit part avoidance.
  • 6. Supply Chain Traceability – The documented processes shall require the retention records providing supply chain traceability wherever such traceability exists.
  • 7. Preservation of Product – Circuit Board Solutions preserve the product internal processing and delivery to the intended destination in order to maintain conformity to requirements. Preservation shall include identification, handling, packaging, storage, and protection.


Import Policy

  • We do not import any parts that originate in Shenzhen China, brokers from e-waste regions and brokers who support these regions around the world.
  • All imported items require accurate descriptions, values and tariff codes on commercial waybills.
  • All imported items are subject to US Customs inspection.

Export Policy

  • All items exported must comply with all US export laws.
  • All customers are screened for denied party entities.
  • All consignees must sign proper documention and end user statements when shipping items controlled by the EAR.
We are in full compliance with US import/export laws and make this process convenient for our international customers.